What is YEN? All of us are driven by something — craving or obsession, passion or pastime. A drive to seek out the things that inspire us. The Chinese call it a YEN.

YEN GIN was developed by award winning mixologist and Gin with a carefully selected concoction of native botanicals. The flavor of YEN Gin pays homage to the beauty of New Zealand’s natural environment and its abundance of biodiversity.

At YEN, we are driven by the possibilities of Gin: its fluidity and flavor, its ability to bring people together under the universal banner of taste. Gin is malleable, but unique. Modest, but refined. The bedrock of a great night, a novel idea, or a stimulating conversation. To put it simply, Yen is life. YEN is about celebrating that drive, about moving in step with the zeitgeist to innovate an industry inside and out, from the way we make our Gin and we to the way we interact with our YEN CLUB community. Our conversation starts with a question, the same question that keeps our YEN members inventive, forever on the lookout for the next big thing. Our thing happens to be Gin... What’s your YEN?