Bob’s Bitters is a truly artisanal product. Bob hand-makes, bottles, labels and distributes his bitters all from his bespoke unit in Essex.

Bob Petrie was Head Pastry Chef at various high-end, Michelin Starred restaurants in London when he was approached by legendary Bar Manager Guiliano Morandin to create a selection of bespoke bitters. Their idea was to create a small range of bitters to mirror the varied flavour profile of gin’s botanical ingredients including cardamon, ginger and grapefruit.

The resulting bitters were so well-received by the bar industry that Bob went a step further, creating a suite of single-ingredient bitters to be used to heighten a specific note within a cocktail. The process was a genuine labour of love, with Bob spending five years painstakingly recreating a long-lost Abbotts Bitters recipe from the 19th century with the help of Jake Burger of the renowned Portobello Star.