Etsu is one of the first Japanese Gin on the market. Etsu means "pleasure" in Japanese.

This gin has been elaborated by the Asahikawa distillery in Hokkaido following an ancestral Asian recipe which requires various herbs, spices and citrus fruits, some of which can only be found in Asia (berries, peppers, citrus fruits...).The particularity of Etsu gin lies in the persistence of orange peel and yuzu, this yellow citrus fruit very popular in Asia. Etsu is made from sugar cane alcohol which gives it a particular roundness. Botanicals such as yuzu, spices and herbs macerate for 24 hours before distillation.The gin is reduced to 43° with spring water from the Taisetsu mountains.

The main botanicals – green bitter orange peel, coriander, liquorice and angelica root – macerate for more than 24h in neutral cane spirit distilled thanks to a copper still with a swan neck to 83% vol. It is then diluted down to 43% vol with water sourced from the Taisetsu Mountains and filtered through charcoal for optimal purity.

Etsu Japanese Gin 700ml
Etsu Double Yuzu Gin 700ml
Etsu Double Orange Gin 700ml
Etsu Pacific Ocean Gin 700ml