Old but New. A tribute to the pioneers, the heritage and the process.

Made in Barcelona, Spain

Le Tribute or Liquid Experience Tribute is a recognition to the Pioneers, Processes and Heritage. Its spirit, design and product quality proclaim Le Tribute as a contemporary unique brand, full of character and soul. Avant-garde and tradition are our base for creating a distinctive liquid. With passion for innovation, we build a different and unique product. “Old but New” is our essence.

Natural Ingredients

Juniper. We select and harvest by hand the most mature juniper berries from the Giró family’s land in Teruel.

Lemongrass. After three months of development, trying to extract essential oils from citronella, we discovered that the better option was to distil the herbs with water, rather than alcohol.

Orange and lemon. We use two types of oranges from Valencia and lemons from Seville, marinated together to guarantee a perfectly balanced distillate that blends flawlessly with the other botanical ingredients in our gin.

Grapefruits. We use three types of grapefruits that are combined perfectly to achieve a bittersweet flavour, resulting in the freshest liquid.

Kumquat. A citrus fruit that is native to China and provides acidity as well as freshness.

Mandarin. From the Mediterranean coast, the sweet touch.

Lime. The queen of freshness, to round off the fresh flavour of the ginger

Le Tribute Gin 700ml