Over 140 Years of Tradition. 5 Generations.

Fortaleza was a small, old-fashioned distillery functioned wonderfully as a museum until 1999, when Don Guillermo Sauza appeared on the scene.

Don Guillermo decided to restore La Fortaleza back into a functioning distillery. In 2002, he produced the first litre of true artisan tequila. Tequila Fortaleza is made with 100% blue agaves that are harvested from the Sauza plantation in the town of Tequila and then processed using only old traditional methods.

Fortaleza is a small batch, hand crafted. 100% agave tequila. It is made today with the same production methods that our family used to make tequila, over 140 years ago! We select each agave for maturity and ripeness before it is harvested, and cook them by steam in our small brick oven. We then use a two-tonne stone wheel called a tahona to slowly squeeze the juices from the agave. After adding water from the volcanic mountain of Tequila and separating the fibres, we ferment the mosto for 3-5 days in wood tanks. When fermentation is complete, we achieve our distinctive tequila by distilling twice in two very small, Copper-pot stills.


Fortaleza Anejo 700ml
Fortaleza Winter Blend Reposado 2021 700ml
Fortaleza Reposado 700ml
Fortaleza Still Strength Blanco 700ml
Fortaleza Blanco 700ml