Respect the past. Shape the future.

Kentucky Owl was founded by Charles Mortimer Dedman in 1879, operating until prohibition became law in 1916. At this point, the government seized some 250,000 gallons of Kentucky Owl, taking it away for safekeeping. 

100 years later, the great, great-grandson of C/M Dedman revived the family business and set about blending a bourbon worthy of the Kentucky Owl name. Six years of rigorous research and experimentation lead to the first new whiskey to carry the Kentucky Owl name and since 2017 a series of unique batches have been produced to much acclaim.

Kentucky Owl ‘Confiscated’ Bourbon 700ml
Kentucky Owl ‘Batch 11’ Bourbon 700ml
Kentucky Owl Wiseman Bourbon 700ml
Kentucky Owl Wiseman Rye 700ml