Santísima Trinidad, the essence of Cuba in a bottle.

Cuba can’t be reduced, summarised or abbreviated. Its art, jazz, architecture, its streets, its beaches and its attitude to life don’t fit in a bottle. But its essence: oh, that’s different - and it does fit in a bottle. We’re talking about rum, the Cuban spirit par excellence. We’re talking about Santísima Trinidad from Cuba, a rum that distils all the talent of the master ‘roneros’, the rum makers of Cuba

Making rum in Cuba is representing the island and speaking on behalf of its people. That is why this country takes production processes so seriously and controls so much. This is done by the rum masters, experts grown in all matters of rum, from distillate to blending and packaging. No authentically Cuban rum can be made without the supervision of a rum master. That is why in Santísima Trinidad we have ours, that is why we can say that Santísima Trinidad is an authentically Cuban rum.

Santísima Trinidad is made with brandy, like all Cuban rums. This gives the island's rum a more aggressive character than that of other latitudes where no brandy is added to the blend. However, Holy Trinity is different from all. Our brandy is of exceptional quality. It comes from selected molasses and also goes through a long process of aging and purification. This gives rum a more delicate and subtle organoleptic profile. That's why we say that Santísima Trinidad is the first soft Cuban rum.


Santisima 3 Year Old Rum 700ml
Santisima 7 Year Old Rum 700ml
Santisima 15 Year Old Rum 700ml