We are not all equal in front of Spiciness!

With Firedash you apply the heat to match your customer’s tastebuds. Ranging from a gentle spice kiss (few drops) to walking through hell and back (heaps of dashes)

Firedash is ethanol based, which makes it mixable in almost anything (from margaritas to milkshakes) where the realm of hot sauces stops, Firedash just starts.You can use Firedash to punish unruly customers, assholes tend to think they are tough and can handle extra spicy... Until they meet a Firedash-heavy drink. (This is not tears of joy, this is tears of regret.)

As of today, they are 3 peoples that managed a Firedash based cocktail (Firedash >50% of the drink), and they all had a bad time after. We do not recommend Firedash to be consumed neat.

Ingredients: Chili-infused Neutral Cane Spirit, Water