Born Mezcal Lovers

Inspired by the passion, traditions, and culture of their native Mexico, brothers Eduardo and Julio Mestre founded Los Siete Misterios in 2010 with the goal of making a Mezcal that represents the customs, culture, and passion of Mexico.

Eduardo and Julio spent years sampling Mezcal from villages across Oaxaca. They met local Maestro Mezcaleros who use traditional techniques honed over generations. In an effort to preserve this ancestral knowledge, Eduardo and Julio teamed up with Maestro Mezcaleros to collaborate on a contemporary approach to traditional Mezcal.

Beginning with highest quality agave plants, Los Siete Misterios follows ancestral methods including cooking in underground ovens, milling with wooden mallets, and often distilling with hand-made clay pots. This allows us to pursue our goal of respecting Mezcal traditions and customs while supporting local Mexican workers.

We seek to respect Mezcal traditions and customs. Our partnership with Maestros Mezcaleros across Mexico helps these families continue to create authentic, ancestral Mezcal and support local Mexican workers. We collaborate to ensure all our palenques, or distilleries, follow traditional production methods.


Please note these are all extremely limited and distributed on an allocation basis.